18 July 2008

July 4th

Lynzee's Baptism

How can I describe this? Well...Emi gave the prayer, Grandma's both spoke amazingly, Reu baptized her, Grandpa's were witnesses and Lynzee sang a solo that melted my heart, people wished her blessings for her new beginning and we released white balloons as a visual reminder for her to know she is never alone, my best friends were there...in the end it was me that realized that I am not alone in raising this beautiful gifted child of God.

Cramer Visit

Reuben's parents and brother came and spent ten days of non-stop soaking up each other...and still wanting more. My mother in-love actually wore me out shopping, I'll need to practice up for our next visit :) My favorite day of the trip is being trapped in a boat with each other...the girls jumping off the side, racing jet skis and riding a variety of tubes...fun for everyone. Thanks for emptying your pockets for that one dad, we love you.

Hogle Zoo

Lynzee's Birthday

Lynzee's birthday was spent at the Hogle Zoo and she says it was the best birthday ever...imagine that, spending your birthday with your family!

17 July 2008

Summer Sweets

This past month we've been able to spend time with some of our favorite people. Oceana and Sierra stayed with us for a week of poolside fun, dollar store bribes, and studio sleepovers, when else can you stay up until midnight jumping on mattresses, painting your fingernails and rocking out in front of a huge mirror. We met up with Britt, Saul and my whole family for the reunion and then we traded for their dog, which we lost the very first day! Gratefully he didn't make it out of our neighborhood in six hours.