27 September 2008

Pyramid Lake

A few weekends ago I went home to Nevada for a yoga workshop my mom was doing. She has this magic spot...full of tufa rock, which is the coolest stuff...light as styrofoam and shell-like but mountainous, it is formed by the hot geysers under the lake...and the sand was very dark with these tiny white perfect shells...it was perfect. bare. earthy. grounding. a bit dangerous as there was no communication or human life present. The Paiute tribe definitely has some sacred ground and I'm so grateful they share it with us. There is "the mother stone" which resembles a woman, sitting and wrapped in a blanket and her basket is beside her...it is all made of tufa also and the legend is that the squaw is waiting for her sons to come back from war and her tears form the salt water below. It is very still out there. The energy of our drumming circle was amazing, drums are so much fun...it's good to beat on something and feel so productive. I took my girls back the next day, it was a different feeling but it was still magic...nevada is very beautiful. bare, yes. but perhaps that just helps us see things better. bare, but not barren. the rocks are alive with faces and shadows and every angle presents a new image. thanks mom.

17 September 2008

Boys II Men...again.

So this one time...a few years back, when Leish and I were 14 I think, my sister Brittney had this birthday wish to go see Boys II Men with her best friend Katie, and I got to go with my best friend Leisha too. I remember how crazy many people were there and they had all these amazing effects...making it rain indoors, coming up thru the floor in their white tuxes with roses and melting us with all those love songs. giddy girls.

So this one time...a few weeks ago, when Leisha and I were moms, Boys II Men comes to Orem Utah of all places to perform at the outdoor theater...and her man buys us tickets! This time it's her sister that gets to go with us, love you Kim! And we get there over an hour early and settle into our seats...hum, but we seem to be the youngest in this very diverse crowd...aside from the many infants (only in utah). There are all these "old" people there, as in older than our parents. And I'm thinking of the lyrics to "I'll make love to you" which of course I'm counting on hearing...can they really sing "throw your clothes on the floor" to this audience? well they did. and everyone went crazy. there was at least 3,000 people there, babies and all. The energy was intense, almost like back in the day, minus the stage effects and costume changes. Thanks Daniel! It was a rush. giddy girls all over again.

09 September 2008


For you mom. It's in her blood...I could watch her for days! I'm seriously considering flying to manhattan to take class, no matter the cost. I love what she says about how in the end it's the vision...how it's mental, how it's free. and I love that she is from Ethiopia and has such a grasp on the balance of life...education and creation and life. She's such a real person to me. And so much of what she is and does is exactly like you mom. I am so amazed.