21 October 2010

a few slides

forbidden fruit

i love this picture for so many reasons...
one, the whole world is in her eyes
two, we are on our favorite front porch swing
and three...
we stole that divine plum from our neighbors forbidden fruit tree.
i only steal one or two...promise.
(the rest i ask for)

18 October 2010

a front view

for you hays...i love you.
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02 July 2010

baby girl

i love that she's always crossing her legs.
while she eats
and while she sleeps.

25 June 2010

uh oh!

yes, she is 10!
happy birthday my little lulu
we made a multilayer stage of mattresses in the studio
had makeovers...thanks allie, jen, marta and juby!
and then filmed these rockstars singing to their favorite tunes...
someday I'll figure out the posting of videos, but until then at least I have footage right.
it's pretty funny stuff...because allie and jen and i are amazing rockstars ourselves.
it was actually just what i needed...a crazy girl party.
and yes...i know all the words to their songs...go taylor swift and miley!

23 June 2010

on the brighter side

this was mother's day it was a long night.
but a brilliant morning.

17 June 2010

hollow night

I am sad. and sometimes scared.
being alone is hard. but sharing it is harder.

people say..."you look so great. doesn't look like you had a baby."
and I say..."ya, thanks. it's a trade off since I get postpartum depression."
I don't think anyone knows what I'm talking about.

and that's ok...I'd rather you didn't.

11 May 2010


you know when you get a load out of the dryer...a really really big load. and you are determined to get all the clothes at once so you scoop them all up and head into the other room...trailing socks and underwear along the way...

well, that's me right now.
and i want to thank those of you that are coming along behind me and picking up the pieces...because i'm falling apart...trailing socks and underwear along the way...

thank you for helping me with my house. my kids. my dancers.
my life.
my very very big life right now. it's a bit much for me.
but worth it.

i keep thinking things will be simpler after the wizard of oz is over.
but then i remember...laundry is never over.