29 November 2008

"save money. live better"

for the record...
there are certain things
that almost ruin Christmas instantly!
the after thanksgiving earlybird shopping is one.

a few years ago I decided to try it out
...get a few cheap boardgames
a woman with a cartfull of Chutes&Ladders
was running to the register
fighting off people grabbing them out of her cart.
she was screaming.
I was so upset at "the mob mentality"...I left.
and I will absolutely never go again.
people can be so mean. crazed. thoughtless.

and the fact that a walmart worker died
actually died! during that rush this year
...makes me crazy mad.

let me rant for a moment longer
about the whole "walmart mentality"
more more more for less less less
filling our homes with imitations of the real things.
we spoil our kids...encouraging "the entitled mentality"
we spend most of the year decluttering
or sucking up little pieces in the vacuum.

I am beside myself this year.
We are a wasteful people.
And then comes "the limited mentality" from 5am-11pm
one day when those deals that rule us have a time limit
only so much to go around.
survival of the fittest.
the whole damn thing pisses me off.

to the the 34 year old man
unlocking the door to thousands that had
gathered starting from 9pm the night before.
to the man that had worked the whole night
getting your damn store ready...
I am so sorry for the greedy and entitled.
I am so sorry nobody could stop.
they did not see you.
I am so sorry the prices where that important.
I'm sorry that
you were priceless.
and still nameless.

25 November 2008

words to live by

emi comes running thru the house after school
...she is headed for the bathroom exclaiming
"I haven't gone potty
since I was in the shower this morning!"
(I told you she reduces paper waste!)
us girls are watching "dancing with the stars" finale tonight
emi says "mom you could be on that show"
lynzee informs her,
"then she would have to wear a really immodest dress"
during a commercial from Kay Jewelers...
lynzee says aloud
"when I get married I don't want a ring I want a necklace"
go figure.

02 November 2008

Dress Up Daze

So...it was halloween, case you missed it.
here is my little devil and sweet angel.

Lynzee had "the devil look" perfected a little too well...it was actually scaring me...imagine this child being defiant in her teenage years...SCARY!

Brittney surprised us and showed up for trick or treating...it was a beautiful night, perfect weather! of course it's been raining nonstop ever since.