13 February 2009

tah dah!

so here they are...
no photo of this year's because i am finishing it today.
but it might be the very best. i love it!
no 2005 because it is still unfinished...much like that year.
and 2007 was the year from hell...
so even though it should've been the bestest of all
the valentines, as we grew so close together
we built a studio...but i was living day to day
and like i said, these valentines do take me a couple weeks,
they can't be rushed...anyways, enjoy all the devotion.

i do very much love and adore my husband.
he is my best friend.
he is my bestest lover.
he is why i get up every day.
i don't like to post a lot about him...i'm not sure why...
sometimes things are more potent when you don't spread it out...
when you don't dilute it...
but, for those that wonder his place in my life and his goodness
...a picture speaks a thousand words.
These cards speak millions.

01 February 2009


we made it thru january...phew
now spring can come...wake up pretty mistress of spring
i only give winter until mid february
then i break out the blow dryer on my roses outside.
true story.
two weeks until my favorite holiday.
i wish we would all send love cards instead of christmas cards.
it takes me two full weeks to create reu's valentine
maybe i'll post pictures of the other years (later)
pretty amazing even if i do say so myself
the trick is...
once you start you have to keep it up.
commit to it.
it's a form of devotion.
people "devote" their lives to all sorts of causes...but devotion is a noun, something you own, that you give. I also believe it is an exchange...I think devotion stems from grace. that layer of love that is powerful for the sole reason that we don't deserve it...but we get it, we can see it in their eyes as they forgive. pardon. love us so fully. and in response all we can offer is our devotion. and they can see it in our eyes.
if you don't have a clue what i'm talking about go get a dog.