17 June 2010

hollow night

I am sad. and sometimes scared.
being alone is hard. but sharing it is harder.

people say..."you look so great. doesn't look like you had a baby."
and I say..."ya, thanks. it's a trade off since I get postpartum depression."
I don't think anyone knows what I'm talking about.

and that's ok...I'd rather you didn't.


Christie said...

i'm so sorry. the experiences i've had with depression are crippling. what can i do for you? need a break? someone to talk to? give me a call.

Ashley K. said...

Sending prayers upwards... love you.

Lindsay Family said...

I know Amber. Hang tough. Keep fighting through. I'm here. Love you.

rach said...

this was months ago...I stumbled across your blog from Christie's.
Your post made me sad--I know, sadly, I know...
Hope it has gone better!


Forms of Art said...

THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!!!!! your blog is so cool!
I just made a blog. I would love it if you checked it out! I'm trying to get some followers! You can tell your friends too ;)